Writer Gets In Shape For Another Year Of Savage Political Satire, 7-Days-A-Week

Crowded calendar of satirical assaults promises to have Donald Chump laughed out of office in 2018

My misadventure in political satire began October 10, 2016 when I committed to posting every day, 7-days-a-week, until the Orange Accident resigned or was impeached.

To be honest, I thought I’d rest my pen by the spring of 2017, then for sure by the summer of last year, certainly by the time the autumn leaves were dropping.

But cheats and con artists have an amazing way of hanging on until their fingernails are torn from their grubby little hands.

No matter, the demise of Trumplethinskin is guaranteed, and coming soon, and until then I get to rip Sir Sissypants a new peephole in his designer suits on a daily basis.

Here are some of the satirical subjects I hope to be covering until the time (very soon) when The Great White Dope is chased out of Washington:

New Year, New Waves of Trumpty Dumpty Provoked Nausea (Pass the bucket, please, I feel a POTUS puke coming on)

National Impeachment March on The Lyin’ King’s Lawn (A celebration of Trump administration indictments, arraignments, and impeachment proceedings kicks off at the White House)

Donald Trump’s Valentine’s Day Massacre (There’ll be no love, only heart-breaking blood in streets if we have to suffer through another year of The Donald)

“Orange is the New Green With Loathing” St. Patrick’s Day Parade (No leprechauns allowed due to severe immigration restrictions on elves, fairies, sprites, pucks, and pixies)

The Ides of March National Day of Hope (Americans gather to remember the assassination of Julius Caesar and pray for our similar good fortune)

The Trump Family Singing Sinners’ Spring Time Concert (Minus the music or any harmony whatsoever)

May Day Celebration in Russo-America (You can call it the new Memorial Day in America after Trump authorizes a unified republic with Putin’s authoritarian government)

Trump’s Birthday — June 14th — And All Must Praise The Supreme Leader (Mail your glorification of the president to The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, DC)

Russo-America Fireworks Display — July 5th (Simultaneous broadcast from the Kremlin and The White House hosted by Donald Trump Jr. and several Russian accomplices. Please note this will be the new date for Independence Day going forward. Change is good.)

Labor Day Holiday For Whites Only (Mexicans, Muslims, and all other “dark” minorities please report to work as usual)

We Turn The Clocks Back to 1850 This Week With The Implementation Of Trump’s New Jim Crow Laws (All the charm of the old racist regulations with none of the judicial red tape)

Adolf Twitler’s Halloween Horrors 2.0 (You thought last year’s Halloween was depressing, wait until you see what the The Golden Wrecking Ball has planned for 2018's spook day)

The “We Are So Grateful To Be Alive” Thanksgiving Day Celebration (Americans will breath a collective sigh of relief if Benedict Donald gets us all to November 2018 in one piece)

Merry Christian Day (All other religions need not attend)


HAPPY NEW YEAR friends and fans! Your support meant so much to me in 2017 and I’ll need it more than ever in 2018. Thank you, thank you for reading, commenting, and following me.

I read every comment.

Thank you! –AI

Writer. Satirist. Author. Cyclist. Visit me at

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