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With Death Of Famous Baby Doctor, No Hope Of Understanding Trump’s Infantile Insecurities

Loss of Dr. T . Berry Brazelton was America’s last chance to resolve president’s dangerous psychological instabilities

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Dr. Brazelton holding a baby who he called, “more stable emotionally and a far better potential president than Donald Trump.”(Credit: Brazelton Touchpoints Center)

he nation’s last hope of understanding and possibly reversing Donald Trump’s debilitating mental illness threatening American democracy was lost on Tuesday with the death of famous baby doctor, T. Berry Brazelton.

The beloved pediatrician revolutionized modern medical thinking regarding “the retarded psychological development of infants,” exactly what we observe in President Trump today, and he might have helped the country dodge a fatal blow.

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A one-year-old girl demonstrates skill sets President Trump is lacking. (Credit:

“Dr. Brazelton was the only person I know with the expertise to unravel the mental mystery that is Donald Trump,” said Dr. Mary Mollycoddle, director of the Brazelton Institute at Boston Children’s Hospital. “When I heard we’d lost this pediatric visionary, I wept for the fate of our nation.”

There is no evidence that the 99-year-old, celebrated baby doctor was doing research into the infantile insecurities of the president, but many in the medical and psychological communities were lobbying Dr. Brazelton to focus his considerable talent for understanding babies on Mr. Trump in order to save America.

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A mentally-fit president awards Dr. Brazelton the 2012 Presidential Citizens Medal.(Credit:

“Dr. Brazelton had a way with kids that was remarkable,” added Dr. Mollycoddle. “Even with big babies, like Donald Trump, he could work magic. But there is no hope for us now.”

Dr. Brazelton died at his home in Barnstable, Mass., on Cape Cod, a place that Donald Trump avoids because the gay enclave of Provincetown is just up the road. In lieu of flowers, please send donations to any organization that works to prevent future thumb-sucking presidencies.


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