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Why Mike Pence Should Not Automatically Inherit The Presidency After Trump Exits

No one in the GOP line of succession should be rewarded for supporting the treasonous acts of Donald Trump

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Mike Pence is as accountable for Republican cheating in the 2016 election as the Orange Accident. (Credit:

ither by resignation or impeachment, Donald Trump is going to be out of office well before his first term is completed.

But when he does disappear, who should fill his seat in the Oval Office?

Not Vice-President Mike Pence, as the Constitution would suggest. Not in this unprecedented case. Not in the aftermath of an election in which the Trump candidacy, supported by Republican leaders who turned a blind eye, colluded with the Russians to rig the outcome.

Thieves have no right to retain the spoils when the prize is as significant as the American presidency and the cheating was so flagrant and far-reaching.

On that basis, here are seven solid, unassailable reasons for holding a special election to choose a new president from a fresh field of qualified candidates when Donald Trump is finally banished. Because no Republican — not Pence, not Ryan, not Orin Hatch, or anyone else down the presidential line of succession — should be automatically installed as president after Trump exits.

  1. Donald Trump became president with the aid of a hostile foreign power. He stole the election. That is a “high crime” and a felony under the Logan Act of 1799. Trump is an illegitimate and indictable president. A tyrant and a thug who should never have occupied the Oval Office. First step, Trump must go.
  2. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. She was the people’s choice by more than three million ballots. Trump’s catastrophic presidency only affirms and underlines the legitimacy of her win. But even if you are someone who thinks Hillary is equally untenable (or that Bernie is the more legitimate champion of democratic ideals), it does not change the fact that Donald Trump lost and the Democratic candidate won the popular vote. And this happened despite rampant cheating by the Trump campaign and its equally culpable co-conspirator, the Republican party. Cheaters should not be rewarded for scamming the country.
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“I am enjoying your generous gift of the American presidency, Vlad. Now what can I do for you?” (Credit:

3. Because Donald Trump cheated his way to victory to become president, his sidekick, Mike Pence, must also suffer a penalty for this treasonous act of gaming the American electoral system. If a sports team cheats in an athletic competition, its “B” team does not automatically earn the win and get the medal. The victory goes to the opponent, or the match is replayed (consider the Olympics, for example). That’s fair and equitable. All the cheats must share the defeat.

4. Mike Pence knew about Russia’s interference, influence, and obstruction in the 2016 election. He was aware of irregularities during the campaign, but stayed on the ticket calculating that when it was determined later on that Trump took the election fraudulently, he would then be elevated to president. He never blew the whistle or objected, therefore, he is equally culpable. America should not let this scheming, ruthless flunky become it’s next president uncontested. The country requires a special election.

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Amendment 28: If you steal an election, you don’t get to keep it. (Credit:

5. Yes, calling for a special election after The Lyin’ King leaves office would be unprecedented in American history. But the way Donald Trump became president, colluding with the enemy to snatch victory, is also unprecedented. Therefore, a solution must fit the exceptional nature of the crime — it must be exceptional in its own right so that this travesty never happens again. A bipartisan group from both houses of Congress must propose a new Constitutional amendment — Amendment 28 — prohibiting this sort of election thievery in the future and punishing it in the severest of ways, by expelling the cheaters from the Oval Office and holding a special election to fill the vacancy. A dramatic move like this would make a dramatic statement — that the Trump style of election thievery is forever forbidden. If this doesn’t happen before the next presidential election, cheating on a defining scale will happen again.

6. We now have corroborating evidence that the election was rigged in favor of Donald Trump. Only in a banana republic, with a ruling oligarchy (the Trump family) that thinks it is above the law, and where there is a corrupt alliance between big government and big business (think of Trump’s billionaire cabinets members and advisers) do incompetent dictators retain power. America must resist this breakdown of our defining democratic principles. We must dump Trump and hold a special election.

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The King must go and he needs to take Sir SixPence with him. (Credit: Channel 28 News)

7. The man who sees himself as king is destroying America’s reputation globally. He, and the entire Republican party that refuses to stand up to him, are doing irreparable damage to the nation. A new face, someone from either party who is respected and voted into office fairly, has the best chance, perhaps the only chance, to rebuild America’s damaged reputation overseas — especially with our disillusioned allies.

Let’s review: Donald Trump is only the president because he broke the law and cheated his way into the White House. He is, and has always been a crook, swindler, charlatan, double-crosser, fake, and dishonest, despicable con man. He’s apoplectic that no one considers him a real president, because he knows better than anyone that he is a complete fraud. We all know, even Republicans, that it’s time for him to go.

The only question that remains is, who’s next? Mike Pence, the man who is complicit in the treasonous crimes of Benedict Donald? Or someone else in the Republican Party leadership who was happy to turn his back as treachery and betrayal were being committed against the American people?

A special election, where no one from the governing GOP would be automatically awarded the presidency for condoning the illegal acts of Donald Trump, is the only equitable and acceptable answer.


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