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What The Navajo Code Talkers Were Saying Behind Trump’s Back

The Native American heroes called president “Grabs With Little Hands” and “Wind In His Orange Hair,” among other things

The Navajo Code Talkers mocked the president in their secret language as he gave some opening remarks. (Credit:

Three Navajo Code Talkers were honored by President Donald Trump at the White House on Monday for their heroic service to the nation during World War II.

What the president didn’t realize, however, was that as he made a racist remark during the ceremony, calling Sen. Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas,” the trio of Native American war veterans were mercilessly mocking him in their own coded language behind his back.

Talking in code amongst themselves, the Navajo veterans referred to Mr. Trump as “The Walking Corn Stalk.” (Credit:

In addition to smirking while giving Mr. Trump the names “Grabs With Little Hands” and “Wind In His Orange Hair,” they also snickered about his fat buttocks, third-grade vocabulary, and chintzy White House decorating style.

As many critics have pointed out, the president tactlessly chose to honor the three Marine Corps secret communicators under a portrait of Andrew Jackson, the U.S. president who signed the Indian Removal Act of 1830 and was responsible for the mass deaths of thousands of displaced Native Americans along the “Trail of Tears.”

As the president looks on vacuously, Code Talker Peter MacDonald tells one of his wartime comrades that the president “speaks with a mouthful of buffalo dung.”

Peter MacDonald, one of the former Navajo Code Talkers being acknowledged on Monday, gave some brief remarks in his secret language which were purported to be a pitch for a national Code Talker museum. But translators said Mr. MacDonald actually referred to the president as “the moron who will destroy America in four years, rather than protect it for seven generations as our Native American ancestors advised.”

Before leaving the White House, the Code Talkers met with First Lady Melania Trump giving her a Navajo “safety word,” as well as with the president’s daughter Ivanka, who they referred to as the “Blonde Squaw With Rental Space Between Her Ears.”


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