Well said, Nehmo.

It’s true that I was grasping at straws to come up with something, because I have been posting Humor and Satire pieces seven days a week since October and I just had nothing else to say that day, so I deliberately tried to discredit Trump using fake garbage. Which, I must say in my defense, is not nearly as smelly as real garbage.

I would also please ask you to blast over the Internet that anything Ishac says is suspect, because that is exactly the point of my satire and I could really use the publicity.

Finally, I must share one feeling of true distress that I had when reading your response. When I realized that you were attacking me for my parody of a movie, I had the thought, “I’m FINDING NEHMO to be a little aggressive here.”

Then the whole object of your rant become clear to me in a flash. Or a fish.

My heartfelt apologies, Nehmo. Swim on.


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