Trump Victory Emboldens South Africa To Reconsider Apartheid

Britain also re-evaluates colonialism, while Germany takes another look at Nazism

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South Africa wants to make itself great again — with separate bus stops, bathrooms and dreams for its people’s future.

The racist, misogynistic, anti-immigrant, right-wing rhetoric of President-Elect Donald Trump is encouraging nations around the world to reconsider antediluvian and dangerous policies of their own.

Another Catholic Inquisition? Why not?

Not only is South Africa hoping to reestablish apartheid, but Great Britain is now feeling nostalgic for colonialism, Mexico is taking another look at the Aztec practice of human sacrifice, while Italy and Spain are flirting with an escalation in fascism. Even the Catholic Church wants to get in on the act — talking about bringing back the Inquisition.

Even generally pacifist nations are sounding more emboldened by the hateful rhetoric coming from Trump: “I’m not saying we plan to reinstate the ‘comfort woman’ concept right away,” said Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, “we’re just re-examining at it as a way to relieve tension among our soldiers.” More than 200,000 Chinese and Korean civilian women were forced into sexual slavery by Japan’s Imperial Army between the years 1931–1945.

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Someone is rolling in his grave.

While traveling in Europe today, President Barack Obama was asked to comment about the resurgence of xenophobic, ultra-conservative provocations from President-Elect Trump. Seeming exasperated, the president said, “Don’t look at me, man, I did everything I could.”

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