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Trump Tells America “POST THIS!” As He Prepares To Eliminate Equal Internet Access

Don’t try to understand repeal of “net neutrality rules,” just know that Trump’s FCC is about to screw you for going online

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Dartboards with the face of FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai, on them, are now available. Pai works for the despot on the left. (Credit:

If you love your free speech and free access to the Internet, get over it.

That’s what the Trump administration is telling online users as the president has urged the Federal Communications Commission (F.C.C.) to repeal net neutrality rules giving broadband companies the right to limit your access and charge you for going online.

As if you didn’t hate Donald Trump and his Big Brother, First Amendment assassins enough already, you will now as Internet providers are going to be able to restrict your online experiences and charge you more for what you’ve been getting for free for the past 25 years.

Love shopping online? It’s going to cost you. Enjoy watching cat videos on YouTube? You won’t be purring when these new rules claw into you. Can’t get enough Internet porn? Well put it back in your pants, buster, because Comcast is about to impose a “cum fast.”

But perhaps most alarming is how the F.C.C.’s new rules infringe on free speech and allow monopolistic providers like Verizon, ATT, and Comcast to decide what you can access on the Internet and how quickly.

Scared yet? You should be. Because any day now you could be reading a post like this one, an opinion piece that is uncomplimentary to the Trump administration, and suddenly your serv


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