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Trump Says Nixon Was Worse President Because “He Never Used Social Media To His Advantage”

The specious charge came after Nancy Pelosi called Trump “So much worse than Nixon,” and so much more impeachable

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Why are the crooks, liars and cheaters always Republicans? (Credit:

ouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Sunday called Donald Trump’s Ukraine mess “so much worse” than the crimes that caused Richard Nixon to resign after the the Watergate scandal.

Her accusation, made during an interview on CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday, got a swift reaction from President Trump.

“No way am I worse than Nixon, and everyone agrees,” said Trump. “First of all, he got caught, while I’m above the law. But, more importantly, he knew nothing about the Internet. He never used social media to his advantage and in this day and age that’s a death sentence for an American president.”

Trump’s argument was challenged by everyone with an education, as former President Nixon was commander in chief from 1969-1974, but the Internet did not come into being until the early 1990’s. Furthermore, social media did not exist in the form we know it until at least the late 90’s.

Told that Richard Nixon had no chance to master social media because it was not even a thing until almost 25 years after Tricky Dick’s presidency, Trump doubled-down on his spurious attack on the former president: “Not only was Nixon an idiot around computers, he didn’t have the sense to build alliances with Vladimir Putin and the other great Russian oligarchs.”

In point of fact, Putin did not become president of Russia until 2000, long after Nixon died. And Russian oligarchs weren’t a factor until the mid-to-late 1980’s, again long after Nixon’s presidency.


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