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Trump Says He’ll Run As WWE Candidate In 2020, Catching GOP Leaders By Surprise

President also plans to drop Mike Pence as vice-president and make WWE’s Vince McMahon his new running mate

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You can vote for the Moron and the Muscle Head in 2020. (Credit:

resident Donald Trump, looking for new ways to solidify his base, boost TV ratings, and keep maximum pressure on reluctant voters announced on Tuesday that he will team up with World Wrestling Entertainment’s Vince McMahon for the 2020 presidential race.

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Trump and McMahon have a long history of making fools of themselves and all expect they’ll continue this tradition. (

Mr. Trump, who has been at odds with the Republican Party establishment for months and is growing disillusioned with the job of his current vice-president Mike Pence, says the move to run as the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) candidate could be the difference between victory in the next presidential election or “getting body slammed by the stupid Democrats.”

Although the WWE is not currently a recognized political party, the president has told close advisers that he’ll start raising money for his new party as early as June with a promotional wrestling event titled “The Moron and the Muscle Head.”

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Both Mr. McMahon and Mr. Trump say they love to perform together — the faker the better. (Credit:

“This will give me and Vince a chance to show the American voting public not only how wealthy, powerful and photogenic we are,” said the president, “but how my amazing policies matched with his wild promotional performances can raise the bar on political entertainment.”

Mr. Trump added: “By joining forces with Vince McMahon, one of my oldest friends and closest advisors, I will bring the ratings power of the WWE together with the heavyweight muscle of a real winner. More importantly, once Bob Mueller gets a look at AJ Styles, Braun Strowman, Seth Rollins, and the other beasts on my team, it will be bye, bye obstruction investigation!”

An informal Pew Research poll taken after the president’s announcement that he would run as the WWE candidate in 2020 showed that most Americans didn’t give a damn one way or the other and had better things to do than listen to more annoying nonsense coming out of the mouth of Donald Trump.


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