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Trump Says He’ll Add Britain To U.S. Travel Ban After Theresa May Calls Him “Wrong”

President labels United Kingdom “rogue nation,” lashes out at PM in wake of condemnation for his retweets of controversial videos

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President Trump says that if PM Theresa May “tries to come to America, I’ll have her shackled like a British pirate!” (Credit:

President Donald Trump attacked a foreign country via Twitter late Wednesday night, saying that its policies “endangered America in an era of radical Islamic terrorism."

That nation was the United Kingdom, one of America’s oldest allies, which Mr. Trump subsequently added to the United State’s travel ban list.

The extreme move seems to be a personal response to British Prime Minister Theresa May’s sharp rebuke of the president, calling him “wrong” for retweeting three videos produced by a far right hate group called Britain First.

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The current feud between May and Trump marks a sharp departure from a time when he publicly groped her ass. (Credit:

Various members of the UK parliament also chimed in, calling Mr. Trump “racist,” “fascist” and “evil,” as well as “obnoxious,” “unreasonable,” and “a lousy golfer” for his irresponsible sharing of the anti-Muslim videos online.

Mr. Trump then issued a harsh rebuttal tweet directed at the Prime Minister saying: “@Theresa_May, don’t focus on me, focus on the destructive Radical Islamic Terrorism that is taking place within the United Kingdom. We are doing just fine in America without the British. In fact, I’m going to BAN YOU ALL from coming to the United States again, starting right now!”

The clash between the two leaders also threatens to derail a future state visit by the American president to the UK. One parliamentary member, Chris Byrant, wants the president to be arrested if he sets foot in England. “The Prime Minister should make it absolutely clear that if Donald Trump comes to this country, he’ll be arrested for inciting religious hatred…”

In answer to that provocation, the president tweeted, “Okay, if that’s how they want it, any Brits who come to America in the future will not only be arrested, they’ll be denied tea and biscuits while serving their time in Guantanamo.”

There was no response from PM May to the president’s latest outrageous threat.


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