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Trump Says Being President Is “Too Hard” And That “People Are Really Mean To Me”

Tells Reuters that he misses old life and wants to go home

In an interview with Reuters this past week to mark his first 100 days in office, President Trump said that he thought the job of commander in chief would be easier and complained, “It is more work that in my previous life.”

Mr. Trump also said that no one had told him that there were “so many countries in the world, like almost 200, and that they would all be whining to me at the same time about fixing stuff.”

He seemed particularly upset with his Senior Adviser Steve Bannon, who the president says had told him that once he took office, everyone would love him.

“Bannon was dead wrong,” said Mr. Trump. “Not only do people not adore me, they’re being really mean to me. I liked it when I had my own reality TV show and all kinds of hotties were falling at my feet. It’s just not the same anymore. To be honest, I liked my previous life in New York better. I had so many good things going on up there.”

The president also seemed shocked by the volume of analysis, reading, and studying he is expected to do in his new role: “I would watch the other presidents on TV meeting with world leaders, hanging out with celebs, having dinner parties, watching parades. But, guess what? It’s not really like that! You have to read a lot of boring reports and papers, understand hard stuff about international issues, even make life and death decisions — like which turkey to save at Thanksgiving time. No one really understands how difficult it is to be president. Between you and me, it sucks.”

Mr. Trump will get a chance to return to New York City on May 4th when he visits his hometown for the first time since his inauguration. But after the Reuters interview, and revelations that the president prefers his old life to his current one, many of his supporters are concerned that he may choose to stay in NYC and abandon his job in Washington.

Many more Americans, however, say they hope that is exactly what Mr. Trump decides to do.


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