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Trump Said To Be Planning “One-Crisis-Per-Day” Campaign Strategy To Ensure Re-Election

The president has told aides, “…keeping the voters scared and off-balance on a daily basis will guarantee my victory”

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The new Trump campaign slogan is KAFA: Keep America Frightened Always. (Credit:

Donald Trump has told White House aides that he’s planning a “One-Crisis-Per-Day”campaign strategy to guarantee his re-election in 2020.

According to sources inside the Trump administration, the president has outlined various crises “he wants us to work on” before the November vote to in order to “keep voters really scared, off-balance, and desperate for stability and continuity.”

Some of the crises Donald Trump is planning to provoke or foster are said to include:

The Trump administration is said to be working closely with Republican members of Congress, especially Senators Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham, to develop a detailed list of “One-Crisis-Per-Day,” bowel-loosening terrors and tragedies as the election season gets going in earnest.


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