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Trump Revives “Rocket Man” Taunt After North Korean Leader Hurts His Feelings

U.S. president puts finger squarely back on his ”big nuclear button” in petulant return to provocative, warlike ways

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Mr. Trump is so mad at Kim Jong-un, he says he’s taking his Big Wheels back. (Credit:

nough of detente and diplomacy, President Donald Trump has pulled out of the scheduled June 12th summit with Kim Jong-un saying the North Korean leader “is being really mean to me.”

Despite White House advisors encouraging the president not to be hasty in canceling the historic meeting, Mr. Trump said that his counterpart’s “tremendous anger and open hostility,” as well as his “tendency to throw spitballs and call me bad names,” forced his hand in suspending the summit and resuming threats of annihilation against Mr. Kim’s regime.

In a formal letter to North Korea’s supreme leader, the president went on to insult him in terms many foreign policy experts considered immature and petulant saying that Kim Jong-un had “tiny little nuclear capabilities, while ours are so massive and powerful they could turn your bad nasty country into commie dust in seconds.”

The president did, however, leave open the possibility of rescheduling the much-anticipated talks, but only if “Rocket Man says he’s really sorry, fully finances a new Pyongyang Trump Tower, and sends Melania a huge bouquet of flowers.”

No word yet from Mr. Kim as to whether he will meet Mr. Trump’s demands for resuming the June 12th summit or prefers to, as the president called it, “duke it out with nukes.”


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