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Trump Replaces DACA With DODO: “Dream On, Deportable Others”

President tweets “It’s cruel to give Dreamers false hope — as non-Americans, they must be deported…even though I love them”

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“Read my puckered lips, ‘Anything Barack Obama created, I will uncreate.’” (Credit:

fter President Donald Trump made the move Tuesday to end the Obama-created DACA Program — or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, also known informally as the “Dream Act” — he immediately announced a blunter, tougher policy that had immigration activists up in arms.

His new DODO Plan — Dream On, Deportable Others — will mean almost immediate deportation for some 800,000 young, undocumented immigrants who will no longer be protected by DACA.

“I really hate myself for doing this because I have great love for these incredible kids,” said President Trump in a statement,” but Obama created the DACA program and that means it has to go — along with everything else that has the Kenyan’s imprint on it. It breaks my heart, truly, but for now we have to tell these terrific border-hoppers, river crossers, and wetbacks, ‘Adios, amigos!”

The president’s obvious distress over putting his new DODO program in place was evidenced by his directive to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, one of the architects of the new Dream On plan, to give every former Dreamer pushed across the border an autographed copy of his bestselling book, “Art of the Deal.”

“I put such great advice in my book for hard-working people who want to negotiate a great deal for themselves,” said Mr. Trump, speaking with Fox News after his DACA dismantling decision. “These low-income, unauthorized aliens could really learn a thing or two by how I made my billions.”

Former President Barack Obama, who has warned the Trump administration in the past that any dismantling of the Dream Act would lead him to speak out, reacted forcefully upon hearing of the DODO replacement policy:

“DODO is not only demeaning in name, it is also destructive in spirit. I urge President Trump to rethink his reversal of DACA and restore the hopes of 800,000 young adults who believe in the American dream.”

In response to Mr. Obama’s strong condemnation of DODO, the White House issued this statement, “As the former president knows full well, Mr. Trump has the power to deport anyone not born in America who he deems a threat to this country. It would be wise for the African citizen whose birth certificate is fake to watch his step.”


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