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Trump Repeatedly Calls Finland’s Capital “Helstinki” In Series of Clumsy Tweets

Organizers are nervous that bungling the name of host city for Russia summit portends more Trump missteps to come

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Mr. Putin and Mr. Trump will be meeting in Helsinki, not Helstinki. (Credit:

a series of morning tweets on Thursday announcing his upcoming summit meeting with Russia’s Vladimir Putin, President Donald Trump misspelled the name of Finland’s capital three times, calling it “Helstinki” instead of Helsinki.

The offensive spelling error worries meeting organizers from all three countries who are concerned that this is only the first of many Trump bloopers in advance of the first one-on-one meeting between the two leaders on July 16.

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The port city of Helsinki is clean and does not smell, despite the insinuation by President Trump. (Credit:

“Another blunder of this kind could easily put off our hosts in Finland’s capital and result in a cancellation or postponement of the summit,” said one high-level staffer in the U.S. State Department, who spoke on condition of anonymity. “We hold our breath every time the president tweets for fear of exactly this kind of diplomatic gaffe. It’s a crap shoot every day with this moron.”

President Trump began the day by tweeting, “Good friend Vladimir Putin and I will be meeting in Helstinki for top level talks July 16th. Very important for America’s national security. Big plus for the world.”

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America’s European allies are afraid that a face-to-face meeting between Trump and Putin could result in the weakening of NATO, which would be a stinki hell for them. (Credit:

A short time later he followed that tweet with one that read, “Germany’s Merkel upset about my meeting with great man, Vlad Putin in Helstinki. Stupid, nasty woman. Russia is amazing country and all his citizens love him like a king! She should be so LUCKY!”

He finished his series of Twitter posts at noon with a final slap at the host country: “Finland very nice to let us meet there. THANK YOU, HELSTINKI! I hear it’s a great town, lots of Finnish people there. But they could use a GOLF COURSE!”

The president also tweeted that he wants to visit Finland’s “other great city, Stockholm” when he is there. Stockholm is in Sweden, not Finland.


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