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Trump Official Who Told Jan. 6 Cops To Go Hang Themselves … Uh, Might Have Just Hung Himself

Dylan Quattrucci, a Trump 2024 campaign director in New Hampshire is “on the ropes” after a damning video was released

Allan Ishac
2 min readSep 1, 2023


Dylan Quattrucci, a Trump 2024 Republican campaign director in New Hampshire, will lose his job because he told Jan. 6th U.S. Capital police  to go hang themselves in a video rant.
Trump appointee has left himself dangling after a damaging video was released. (Photo Credit:

“When I told the Capitol cop traitors to go hang themselves, I didn’t mean me!” said Dylan Quattrucci, Trump’s New Hampshire deputy campaign director who might be out of a job.

The young Trump official carelessly made an expletive-laced video, directed at the U.S. Capitol police on the night of January 6th, that has just been revealed … and quickly put him on the wrong end of a short rope.

“If you are a police officer and you are going to abide by unconstitutional bulls — t, I want you to do me a favor right now and go hang yourself, because you’re a piece of s — t,” Quattrucci said in the clip, shared by the Sedition Hunters on X (formerly Twitter).

Donald Trump with employee Dylan Quattrucci, the Trump campaign official in New Hampshire who told U.S. Capitol police to hang themselves in January 6, 2021 video rant.
Quattrucci with Trump in New Hampshire in May. Notice that both are wearing suffocating conservative neckties. (Photo Credit:

Asked about Quattrucci’s video rant in support of the Jan. 6th insurrection that Trump himself set in motion, the heavily indicted ex-president said, “I like the kid, I really do, but some things you should never say on camera. Because the thing about incriminating videos is that they can hang around your neck for years. I should know. Anyway, HE’S FIRED!”


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