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Trump Offers Sean Spicer Old Job Back At White House

Former press secretary hops at chance to work for president again, but Trump requires him to start at bottom

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Sean Spicer with President Trump at the White House on Sunday. (Credit:

ean Spicer is back at the White House, but not as President Trump’s press secretary.

The former chief spokesman for the Trump administration, who resigned last July under pressure after only six months on the job, returned to the work on Sunday but only in his original position as the Easter bunny.

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Spicer called a return to the White House as the Easter Bunny “humiliating but better than being unemployed.” (Credit:

According to sources inside the White House, the president told Spicer, who had been having difficulty finding employment, that he could come back to the West Wing but only if he took a humiliating entry level job and worked his way up.

Spicer hopped at the opportunity and immediately put on his old Easter bunny costume to join President Trump and First Lady Melania for the annual Easter egg roll on the South Lawn, a 140-year White House tradition.

“Mr. Trump enjoyed Sean’s past performances as the Easter bunny and thought it would be amusing to have him don the rabbit costume once more as a sort of hazing ritual upon returning to the White House,” said current press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders. “Sean worked the kids like a pro and even kept the costume on for a White House dinner with heads of state.”

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Talk in Washington is that Reince Preibus and Steve Bannon could be back at the White House soon, but in less influential roles. (Credit:

Spicer, who began his tenure as White House Press Secretary last year by lying for Mr. Trump about the size of his inauguration crowd, never hit his stride in the position, often at odds with the press corps. Mr. Trump felt he would be more comfortable with his head hidden under a large paper mache mask for his second stint in the administration.

In a related story, Rex Tillerson hopes to be back at the White House by Halloween to reprise his role as a jack-o-lantern, while Reince Preibus is expected to return as the Thanksgiving turkey in November.

There are also reports that Steve Bannon has accepted the role of Creepy Santa for the White House Christmas party in December as a way to earn his way back into the good graces of the president.


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