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Trump Offers $100 In Legal Expense Vouchers To Anyone Willing To Work At White House

President calls it “a nice little bonus” for new employees who are likely to need a team of defense lawyers down the road

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Mr. Trump announced the legal expense incentive at a news conference at the White House on Wednesday. (Credit:

resident Donald Trump’s growing difficulty in getting qualified people to work in the White House took a bizarre turn on Wednesday when he announced that new employees would receive a “$100 legal expense voucher” included with their first paychecks.

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President Trump practices whistling past the graveyard after a recent round of new indictments from special counsel Mueller’s office. (Credit:

The president added that the legal expense incentive could go up to “as much as $1000 depending on the severity of the indictment against the employee.”

About a dozen former Trump administration officials are already facing legal bills in excess of $50,000 due to their involvement in the president’s various illegal and treasonous activities. They include Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, and someone named George Papadopoulos.

“As the president has said many times, everyone wants to work at the White House,” said his Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, addressing reporters. “But Mr. Trump also recognizes that along with the excitement and ‘under-the-table’ money-making opportunities available to all Trump administration hires, also come certain risks. That is why he’s announcing these generous incentives today to be put toward legal fees. I can personally attest that these vouchers are coming in very handy as I assemble my own legal defense team.”

There is no indication yet from the White House if the $100 vouchers have increased the number of applications for the 873 jobs still open in the Trump administration, but several former employees say that $100 would not put a dent in the legal liability they’ve already incurred and that they wish they had never joined the Trump team in the first place.


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