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Trump Knelt For North Korea’s National Anthem After Saluting Kim’s General

Sources say president made major gaffs, also kissing Kim Jong-Un’s ring and curtsying before a photo of his father, Kim Jong-Il

Saluting a North Korean general, kneeling down for that country’s national anthem, kissing the supreme leader’s ring, and curtsying before an image of Kim Jong-Un’s ruthless tyrant father?

These are questionable gestures for an American president, but sources who were at the Singapore summit say that President Donald Trump made many breaks in protocol, mostly due to error and ignorance, leaving the United States open to ridicule and embarrassment.

“The North Korean general saluted and Trump jumped to attention and saluted back like he was a plebe in their army,” said one State Department official who was on the trip, and spoke on the condition of anonymity. “It was a mortifying thing to watch for anyone who actually understood the gamesmanship that was going on. Our president acted like an obedient clown.”

“I cringed when he saluted, felt sick when he knelt, nearly vomited when he kissed Kim’s ring, and broke out laughing when he curtsied,” said another U.S. official who witnessed the display. “But, honestly, none of it was funny.”

President Trump is now back at the White House where he has declared the Singapore Summit “a historic victory for potential investors and real estate developers ready to pounce on North Korean beachfront property.”

Most foreign policy experts, however, are calling the meeting with a communist dictator from a country that is at odds with many of our allies “an unmitigated disaster.”

Mr. Trump will be traveling to Moscow next, where he is expected to pin American military medals on Russian officers, then lie prostrate in front of the despot Vladimir Putin and spit shine his shoes.


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