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Trump Hints He Might Take Summer Off To Work On Film Script About His Presidency

Says White House commitments and Mueller inquiry are interfering with his creative process, needs more time for writing

President Trump working on page one, scene one of his autobiopic movie script, which he hopes to finish by late summer. (Credit:

According to several White House sources, Donald Trump is eager to work on a movie script about his presidency and has indicated to key staff members that he’ll cut back his hours in the Oval Office to stay focused on his writing.

One administration insider, who spoke off the record, said the president began thinking about a movie version of his life on November 9, 2016, the day after he was elected, and “wouldn’t let it go — the screenplay is really all he ever talks about.”

The same Trump staffer added that she has seen the president working late into the night on the film version of his life story. “A lot of people think the president is very distracted and has a short attention span, and to some degree that’s true,” she said, “but not when he’s working on that script. He pours his heart and soul into it. He writes longhand and has had me type some pages of it and it’s very powerful and inspiring. He’s a terrific writer.”

According to one Trump staffer, the president retires to his private quarters at around 8:30pm, slips into a silk robe, and “commits to writing one scene per night— he’s very disciplined.” (Credit: The Onion)

Critics of Mr. Trump, however, say that he should be concentrating on saving his faltering presidency and leading the country, not working on a screenplay about his time in the White House which has barely begun.

“What a joke, he’s been in there little more than a year and he’s accomplished nothing, yet he thinks he’s the greatest president ever, with a movie worthy story to tell,” said one New Jersey congressman, on condition of anonymity. “Donald Trump is living in a dream world and his script is going to be pure fiction as a result.”

Donald Trump has said that he’d love to see actor Tom Arnold play the role of disgraced strategist Steve Bannon in the film version of his life.

“Every president in history has waited until they’ve left office to reflect on their White House years, but not this doofus,” said a Washington Post reporter, who asked not to be named for fear of alienating key sources inside the Trump White House. “My guess is that Trump knows he’s going to vacate the office before the midterm elections and wants to sell the screenplay before he leaves Washington, which he’ll be compelled to do once impeachment talk begins in earnest. Of course, that’s the real stuff of movie making — his indictment on treason charges and the resulting impeachment. Now that’s a film I’d go see.”

Asked to confirm reports that the president would be severely cutting back his time in the White House to finish his autobiopic screenplay, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said, “President Trump has strong ties to the entertainment industry in New York and LA and, as you know, he hosted a hit TV show for many years. You can’t expect him to simply turn off his greatest passion and not keep a finger on the pulse of what his audiences want to see. I can tell you that here in the White House, absolutely no one objects to the president taking the summer off to focus on his script — in fact, his top advisers have been encouraging him to work through the fall and to do it in a quieter setting, like Mar-a-Lago.”

The White House says that a final decision on the president’s summer work schedule would be made after the Memorial Day when he is slated to meet with several major Hollywood producers and A-list directors to gauge interest in his film project.


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