Trump Suffers Flare Up Of Bone Spurs, May Result In Deferment From Presidency

Same condition that exempted him from military service could force him out of office

The recurrence of his heel spur condition has forced the president-elect to take off his shoes and put his feet up to relieve the agonizing pain he experiences daily. His podiatrist sees no way he can lead the nation in this condition.
Mr. Trump experienced a recurrence of his bones spurs in the late 1970’s severe enough that he had to float, rather than walk, from place to place.
The president-elect says he feels incredibly lucky that his heel spurs occurred after high school, so he could finish the varsity basketball season, but skip the Vietnam War.
An x-ray taken Friday of Donald Trump’s right heel. Dr. Pedlosse says the bone spurs on his feet are “unusually large for a man with his small hands.”

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