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Trump Flip-Flops On DACA Deal 12 Times In One Day, Setting New World Record

President demonstrates mastery for befuddling all parties in a negotiation by pulling multiple one-eighties with blinding speed

He can count on ten fingers the number of campaign issues he’s been consistently inconsistent on. (Credit:

President Donald Trump had all of Washington reeling Thursday as he perfectly executed his signature “flip the script” political maneuver a dozen times in one day while negotiating a DACA deal with Congressional leaders.

In response to the bewilderment and anger on both sides of the aisle for his rapid position switching, White House Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders said, “Mr. Trump has been absolutely consistent with his inconsistency on DACA. The president has built his reputation on befuddling all parties in any negotiation, and this ‘keep ’em guessing’ strategy is working exactly as planned.”

The president gets ready to pull “the old switcheroo” on DACA deal for a record 12th time in one da. (Credit:

Just nine months into his presidency, Mr. Trump has already changed his mind on at least ten major campaign issues including climate change, deporting Mexican immigrants, a tax reform plan, indicting Hillary Clinton, the nuclear deal with Iran, repealing Obamacare, draining the swamp in Washington, building a security wall between the U.S. and Mexico, eliminating the EPA, and banning Muslim immigrants.

President Trump’s unpredictability and mercurial shifts in position on issues of critical importance to the nation, often within hours, is creating tension on the Hill, according to one Washington insider.

“His erratic behavior and fickle convictions, which we used to refer to as “flip-flopping,” is being characterized by the White House as an intentional strategy and sign of Trump’s political savvy. That’s a lot of BS. It actually reveals an absence of political sophistication and his total lack of understanding of any issue that crosses his desk. He’s a total boob and everyone in Washington now knows it, if they didn’t already.”

Despite the continued criticism, Ms. Huckabee insists that the president’s frequent use of what she called, “the old switcheroo,” is a hallmark of his deal-making style and one that leads to positive outcomes:

“The bellyachers in Congress are just envious of the president’s ability to surprise, deceive, and flip-flop. If they want to fully understand the brilliance of this man, they would do well to read his book The Art of the Deal, $32 in hardcover on Amazon, or purchase it today for only $25 on President Trump’s personal website using the code word ‘dealmaker.’”


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