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Trump Drops Plan To Build Wall — Proposes Spending Same $25 Billion On Education Instead

In startling reversal, president now says that children and schools matter more than a Mexican border wall of questionable value

Someone apparently slipped ayahuasca into President Trump’s Diet Coke because he now wants to help children. (Credit:

Donald Trump has seen the folly of his proposal to spend $25 billion on a wall that no one wants — not the residents of the U.S. states that border Mexico, not Republican leaders in his own party, certainly no Democrats and, of course, not America’s ally and trading partner Mexico.

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Mr. Trump says that his $25 billion budget for education will benefit “not only nice white kids, but black children, Hispanic students, and other minorities, too.”

It is not known who influenced President Trump’s change of heart, but he has apparently realized that the future of this country depends on the education of our young.

He has told aides that $25 billion will go much further by improving schools and paving the way for our students to make significant contributions through education, than spending taxpayer dollars on a lifeless barrier that will only breed distrust, division, and discord.

“I know some people will be upset by my actions, but building a wall was a bad call,” admitted a reflective President Trump in a series of tweets on Wednesday. “I want to be remembered as the president who gave America’s children a yearning for learning and twenty-five billion dollars is a huge educational windfall for all of them.”

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Mr. Trump’s daughter Ivanka and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos will in charge of ensuring that no one in his administration receives kickbacks from the $25 billion. Not even Jared. (Credit:

Mr. Trump even suggested that a portion of the $25 billion should be used to provide free college tuition for graduating high school students, an idea that he has resisted with fervor in the past. He is particularly advocating for tuition-free education in high-demand fields like technology, engineering, and medicine, all areas of future economic growth that will help ensure that America’s next generation of students is ready to compete in a changing world.

The president’s unexpected decision to renounce his plans for a Mexican border wall and divert funds earmarked for that initiative to transform American education has given activists fighting for other progressive causes renewed optimism.

Many say they will now appeal to President Trump to reconsider his positions on gun control, universal healthcare, immigration, equality for women in the workplace, nuclear proliferation, race relations, environmental regulations, LBGTQ rights, drug policy, raising the minimum wage, protection of first amendment rights, strengthening of civil liberties, election reform, true tax relief for all, increased funding for Planned Parenthood, conservation causes, support for organized labor, and the expansion of national wildlife refuges, among others.


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