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Trump Calls Kim Jong-Un “A Smart Fortune Cookie” Insulting North Korea And China

President also blurts out that wacky despot “doesn’t have an edible dog’s chance in hell” of winning nuclear stand-off

Speaking on CBS’ “Face The Nation” Sunday, President Trump called North Korea’s unstable dictator, Kim Jong-Un, “a pretty smart fortune cookie” for having held power as long as he has.

The president then doubled down on his racially-charged comment, referencing a longheld belief that North Koreans eat dog by using a common canine idiom (… “doesn’t have a dog’s chance…”) but adding the word “edible.”

The White House later issued a statement saying that both of the president’s remarks were “accidental insults” and taken out of context.

“There was no conscious intent by the president to offend Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un, the North Korean people, or their Asian ally, China,” said Sean Spicer, White House Press Secretary. “President Trump was just rambling nonsense as he often does and got tangled up in a few awkward statements — it happens to the best of us.”

At one point during the “Face The Nation” interview, the president called the brutal North Korean leader “bold and brash” for wearing a hairstyle “that only a guy with a head that big could pull off.”

This affront, too, was labeled a racial slur by North Korea’s state run media agency, and again the White House challenged the accusation:

“Look, Mr. Jong-Un has a gigantic head, there’s no denying that,” said Spicer. “Jews have big noses, blacks have big penises, Koreans have big heads — those are not racial or ethnic insults, they are merely statements of facts.”

The White House press office did add, however, that the president would have no further comment about Kim Jong-Un, North Korea, or China at the present time. They hoped.


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