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Trump Calls For Guns To Be Issued To All U.S. Students Until School Shootings Stop

President said to support NRA proposal to arm all students, grades K-12, with automatic rifles to thwart crazed shooters


Saying that students should have done more to stop an attack by a crazed, teenage gunmen in their South Florida school this week, President Donald Trump is backing a scheme advanced by the National Rifle Association that would ensure that every child of school age is “locked and loaded so no more students are needlessly slaughtered.”

The controversial plan comes in reaction to a 19-year-old’s massacre at his former high school with a semiautomatic AR-15 rifle, which he bought legally as a teenager. It is already the 18th school shooting in the United States in 2018.

“If every kid in that school had an AR-15 of their own,” said NRA President Wayne LaPierre, “that evil, depraved shooter would not have gotten one foot inside that door before a dozen well-armed students took him down in a hail of bullets. Shame.”

Calling the NRA president’s comments “outrageous” and “shocking,” 95% of parents of school age children across the country, polled after the most recent Florida shooting, say they are not in favor of the gun organization’s plan and are also “deeply disturbed” by Mr. Trump’s endorsement of it.

They instead said they are planning to organize a national boycott of public schools, withholding their children from classes “until Congress passes sweeping, strict and irrevocable gun laws that will put an end not only to these semi-automatic, military style weapons but all firearms of any kind that can be used to kill our children as they sit in school. The #1 concern of any decent lawmaker should be to protect our children, NOT the gun lobby.”

The nationwide action by America’s concerned parents is trending with the hashtag, #expelguns.


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