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Trump Appeals To Judge Judy To Settle Travel Ban Case

President says 9th Circuit justices “are disgraceful — only a judge with syndicated TV show experience will give me a fair trial”

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Judy Sheindlin, on the set of her highly-rated show, Judge Judy, has shown no interest in the president’s request, adding, “"Clearly he’s not wrapped too tight.”

After a three-judge federal panel rejected President Donald Trump’s attempt to reinstate his controversial travel ban, the angry leader of the free world tweeted in all caps, “SEE YOU IN JUDGE JUDY’S COURT!”

The president was referring to Judge Judy Sheindlin, a Manhattan judge who has won multiple Emmy Awards for her popular reality television court program, Judge Judy — but who has no legal authority over federal proceedings.

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Donald Trump has said in the past that he believes Judge Judy is “fair and not fake.”

Asked about Mr. Trump’s unusual request to have a judge from a courtroom TV show preside over a case of national importance, White House spokesman Sean Spicer said, “The president feels strongly that only a woman of Judge Judy’s stature and high TV ratings can decide this case fairly and in his favor. He believes that the judge understands better than any appellate panel, and even the Supreme Court, how critical this decision is to his polling numbers.”

While it is not believed that President Trump is a personal friend of Judge Judy’s, he has told associates in the past that he respects her no-nonsense, saucy manner and straightforward decision-making.

Last year, the president even included Judge Judy Sheindlin on his short list of potential Supreme Court picks, calling her, “One of our really great judges, a smart lady who understands ratings — unlike that loser Arnold Schwarzenegger — and who has always been nice to me.”

Attempts to reach Judge Judy for comment were not returned, but CBS Television, the distributor of her long-running courtroom drama, released this statement: “Judge Judy has been informed of the president’s request to have her preside over the consequential case regarding his Muslim travel ban, to which she has issued this eight-word response: ‘Do I have ‘stupid’ written over my forehead?’”


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