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Trump Aide Talked Of “Final Solution” For Illegals Crossing Mexican Border

Stephen Miller advocated draconian “Detain and Disappear” strategy, reflecting administration’s sweeping new pro-Nazi policies

Senior policy advisor Stephen Miller pushed to detain immigrants at the border then “make them disappear,” according to sources within the White House who were opposed to the harsh measures.

Mr. Miller also told colleagues in the West Wing that he and the president were planning a “Final Solution” regarding illegals crossing the Mexican border, calling it “a simple decision.”

The term “Final Solution” is associated with Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich during World War II and was a barbaric plan to exterminate European Jews by transporting them to concentration camps where they were systematically and brutally murdered.

Many critics have compared the current chaotic and inhumane treatment of detainees at the U.S-Mexico border with the heinous crimes committed in Germany’s concentration camps.

Michael Hayden, a onetime National Security Agency director and prominent critic of the Trump administration even tweeted over the weekend: “Other governments have separated mothers and children.” Mr. Hayden posted the message along with a photo of Auschwitz.

“This guy Stephen Miller is a complete psycho,” said one administration staffer who works closely with the controversial Trump advisor in the White House. “Forget that he exudes evil from every pore of his being, he’s also super creepy, more robotic than human. I would not be surprised if in addition to Hitler his other hero is Hannibal Lecter.”

In the last week, Mr. Miller has also been pushing hard for a “zero tolerance policy” related to Canadians entering the United States.

“He told a group of us during an Oval Office meeting that Canadians were becoming a bigger problem than Mexicans,” added the Trump aide. “He said that Canadians feel entitled to come over here with a few bottles of maple syrup and push us around with their sweetener. It was a crazy comment, but President Trump jumped to his feet to express his approval, so the rest of us just started clapping. I feel sorry for my Canadian friends now. I hope we don’t start detaining and disappearing them, too.”

There is no word yet from the White House as to whether detention centers will now be opened on the Canadian border as well as the Mexican crossing.


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