The Case For Making Hillary Clinton President — And Not Mike Pence — After Trump Is Impeached

14 sound, solid, and unassailable reasons why Hillary should assume the presidency once the Orange Accident exits

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Good news — the real Wonder Woman is still available and ready to do the job that was stolen from her. (Credit: ABC News)

In two earlier posts, this one and this, I predicted that Donald Trump would resign of his own accord by July 15th, and no later than August 18th of this year.

Either by resignation, impeachment, or invocation of the 25th Amendment (allowing for a president to be replaced if he is mentally unfit to serve), this prophecy appears to be coming true.

But when the Groper in Chief does disappear, who should fill the void?

Below I make the eminently defensible case that it should not be Vice-President Mike Pence, as the Constitution would suggest, but rather the woman from whom the election was stolen in the first place, Hillary Clinton.

Here is a 14-point justification for swearing in the most qualified presidential candidate in history:

  1. Donald Trump became president with the aid of a hostile foreign power. He stole the election. That is a “high crime” and a felony under the Logan Act of 1799. He is an illegitimate and indictable president. A vulgar criminal who has no business occupying the Oval Office.
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“I am enjoying your generous gift of the American presidency, Vlad. Now what can I do for you?” (Credit: The New York Times)

3. Donald Trump cheated his way to the presidency. If a team cheats in an athletic competition, the “B” team (in this case, Pence) does not automatically earn the win and get the medal. The victory goes to the opponent. That’s fair and equitable. The cheats take the defeat.

4. Trump’s vice-president, Mike Pence, knew about Russia’s collusion, influence, and interference in our election. Yet, he never blew the whistle or objected. Therefore, he is equally culpable. He is not entitled to be commander in chief when he is already the commander in cheat.

5. Elevating Hillary Clinton, the “runner-up” in the 2016 election, to president after Trumplethinskin leaves would be unprecedented in American history. But the way Donald Trump became president, colluding with the enemy to snatch victory, is also unprecedented. Therefore, a solution must fit the exceptional nature of the crime — it must be novel, dramatic, and also exceptional, so this never happens again. The heretofore anemic Democratic members of Congress must immediately propose Amendment 28 to the Constitution, prohibiting this exact sort of election thievery and punishing it in the severest of ways — by expelling the cheaters from the Oval Office and restoring the losing party to power. That would end this Trump style of election criminality permanently. Otherwise it will happen again.

6. We now know the election was rigged in favor of Donald Trump. Only in a banana republic, with a ruling oligarchy (in this case, the Trump family monarchy) that thinks it is above the law, and where there is a corrupt alliance between big government and big business (think of Trump’s many billionaire cabinets members and advisers) do incompetent dictators retain power. America must RESIST this breakdown of our defining democratic principles. We must dump Trump and instate Clinton.

7. The man who would be king is destroying America’s reputation globally. He, and the entire Republican party that refuses to stand up to him, are doing irreparable damage to our country. President Psycho and his degenerate Gestapo must go. Hillary Clinton is respected abroad and has the best chance to rebuild America’s damaged reputation overseas — especially with our disillusioned allies. This is so critical, we must stand with her again.

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The King must go and he needs to take Sir SixPence along with him. (Credit: Channel 28 News)

8. Mike “Not At My Expense” Pence is already plotting to take over when Trump resigns or is impeached. He clearly has no confidence in his boss because he knows Trump’s many offenses are impeachable and that they will be his downfall. Pence also knew this during the campaign, but stayed on the ticket calculating that even if it was determined later on that Trump took the election fraudulently, he would become president. America can’t let this scheming, ruthless flunky become it’s next commander in chief. One woman was born to lead — and must.

9. Hillary Clinton is not a golfer. Therefore, unlike SCROTUS, we can expect her to work for America on weekends, and not fly, at the taxpayers’ expense, to Mar-A-GoGo every five days.

10. Once called a “rock star diplomat” by the New York Times Magazine, Hillary Clinton is a brilliant politician and seasoned stateswoman. She knows Washington and the world. She is not a novice. Or a boob. Or a dimwit. We’ve had seven months of an unqualified person in power and if it goes on much longer, he might get us all killed. When the political dust settles, and Daddy Warbucks is far, far away, we need a political savvy president at the helm to get us back on course — not Mike “Just Pray To Jesus” Pence.

11. Donald Trump would start a nuclear war simply as a way to divert attention from his many crimes and those of his corrupt cronies. He is that egotistical, that reckless, and that desperate to retain power. Mike Pence is cut from the same cretinesque cloth, with a pinch of religious fanatic thrown in. Once nuclear winter blows in, you don’t get another chance to get it right. So you can pillory Hillary all you want, but she won’t get us blown up simply because someone called her a nasty name. And that’s the best reason to install her immediately upon Trump’s removal.

12. An intimate understanding of the Constitution of the United States is mandatory for any presidential office holder. Hillary Clinton has read it and understands it. We know for certain that Donald Trump doesn’t read and has zero curiosity about the Constitution — his only interest in it would be its value at a Christie’s auction. Mike Pence knows only one provision of this historic document — again, it’s the 25th Amendment, regarding succession by the vice-president to the presidency. Well, step away from the door, Mike, because it’s not yours to take.

13. Women in America comprise 51% of the population. A majority. Yet, in this Trump presidency, that majority has almost no representation — no women in the White House fighting for women’s rights (Ivanka doesn’t count, I’m speaking of elected, credentialed, appointed, female career politicians), virtually none in the cabinet, and very few in the Republican Senate. On top of that, this president has a horrendous reputation for demeaning and degrading women in the worst kind of language. I will be accused of relitigating that Hillary is best for American women issue here, but yes I am, and yes she is. Plus, it’s about damn time!

14. Let’s review: Donald Trump is only president because he broke the law and cheated his way to the White House. He is, and has always been, a crook, swindler, charlatan, double-crosser, fake, and dishonest con man. He’s apoplectic that no one considers him a real president, because he knows better than anyone that he is a complete fraud. We all know, even Republicans, that it’s time for him to go. The only question that remains is, who’s next? Mike Pence, the man who is complicit in the treasonous crimes of Benedict Donald? Or Hillary Clinton, the woman who nine months ago had her presidential victory stolen by Russian President Vladimir Putin, his pinhead puppet Donald Trump, and the Republican Party leadership that was happy to turn the other way as treachery and betrayal were being committed against America right under their noses?


Thanks to all the many readers, fans, followers, and even my frenemies, for reading and commenting on my posts throughout the year as I continue my commitment to post every day, 7-days-a-week until the Orange Accident is no more.

Remember, I read every comment. And I try to answer.

Thank you.


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