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THE BOOK OF MORON — A New Musical Starring Donald Chump And Mike Pants

“★★★★ Not just absurd, absolutely moronic!” — NY Magazine

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The Book of Moron is a hilarious new musical comedy about two out-of-touch, Moron politicians who attempt to remake a government based on their blockheaded ideas about, well, everything!

Set in modern day America and starring Donald Chump and Mike Pants, the play follows the two imbeciles as they travel across America to preach the Moron religion. The musical satirizes various Moronic notions about life, politics, religion, gun control, immigration, racism, economics, sexism, and the role of social media in today’s culture.

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As The Book Of Moron opens, Chump and Pants are trying to convince the people of America that they know how to make their lives better. But the two conservative halfwits are confronted with a lack of interest in Moronism by the nation’s citizens, who are focused on more immediate concerns like sanctioned violence against minorities, a deepening wealth divide, lack of affordable health care, and a host of other problems that the two Morons seem unwilling to address.

At one point the dopey duo confront a Black Savior named Barkalot Yomama who tries to convert them to his religion, The Church of Cerebrum, which follows its own doctrine, The Book Of Reason. But all the Morons band together to distract, confuse, and frighten the people so they can’t gain access to The Church of Cerebrum or apply the sensible solutions that appear in The Book of Reason.

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Co-starring with Chump and Pants are their dimwitted Moron sidekicks, former porn star, Rex Titlerson, the comical hillbilly, Jeff Secessions, and Steve Bunion, who played the lead role in the 2016 musical variety show, The Sky Is Falling.

There are also guest appearances by the brilliantly stupid Texan Rick Very Berry, the slapstick Asian rickshaw driver Elaine Chowmein, dull-as-a-dung-heap Ryan Stinke, along with laugh-a-minute Steve Munchkin, who is in charge of handling the Morons’ money.

Audiences are also howling over a cameo by the crackpot cyborg, Stephen Killer, who has the task of interpreting The Book of Moron for the American people and disposing of anyone who resists Moronism.

The Book of Moron, which has been in previews since last November, opens this week to the public at the National Theater in Washington, D.C.. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster.

Note: The Book of Moron is not connected in any way to the Broadway hit bearing a similar name, The Book Of Mormon.


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