Thanks for writing back to me, Lee.

I can’t tell you how much work I have done on myself to have the courage to post regularly on Medium. And there are still many times when a reader responds in a harsh, cruel, or cutting way and I’m thrown back to the many times that I have been criticized or that my work has been ridiculed and that has stopped me in my tracks for days, weeks, and sometimes months.

To that point, maybe I owe a debt of gratitude to Donald Trump in a strange way. Because I was and am so outraged by his presidency (knowing him as the buffoon that he is having lived down the street from him for 30 years), that I could do nothing else but act. And since writing is what I know, this was the best way to do so.

I hope you will start posting, Lee. I promise to be your first reader and fan, and a faithful one thereafter.

Go for it. There’s plenty of time, but not time to waste.



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