Sounds good to me, Todd.

Just for the record, since you clearly haven’t been following me for the past year, seven days a week, I write satire. A very old and legitimate form of political and social protest.

If my writing reads like vitriol to you, it is not necessarily because I am insensitive or hateful, it is because I am resisting the powers that are in place because I think they are dangerous. Satire is like that, intentionally offensive:

“Satire is, by definition, offensive. It is meant to make us feel uncomfortable. It is meant to make us scratch our heads, think, do a double-take, and then think again.” — Maajid Nawaz

and …

“A satirist is a man whose flesh creeps so at the ugly and the
savage and the incongruous aspects of society that he has to
express them as brutally and nakedly as possible to get relief.”
— John Dos Passos

and, finally…

“A satirist is a man profoundly revolted
by the society in which he lives.
His rage takes the form of wit, ridicule, mockery.”
– Gore Vidal

I’m sure you’ll find other writers you’ll like on Medium more than me.



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