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Snubbed By McCains, Palin Still Beams, ”I Can See John’s Casket From My House!”

John McCain’s 2008 presidential running mate brushes off obvious slight after not being invited to late senator’s funeral

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“Please don’t come,” says McCain family to Sarah Palin regarding the late senator’s memorial services. (Credit: from AP)

arah Palin isn’t letting an obvious snub by the family of the late John McCain blunt her optimism.

Asked how she felt about not being invited to any the senator’s memorial services, the former Alaska governor said, “Well, I can still see John’s casket from my house, and that’s pretty good.”

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Moron-a non grata. (Credit:

The statement closely resembled a comment she famously made during the 2008 presidential election campaign when, as Mr. McCain’s running mate, she was asked about U.S.-Russia relations and replied, vacuously, “I can see Russia from my house.”

Palin joins President Donald Trump in being left off the invite list for the Arizona senator’s funeral services. But the former vice-presidential candidate, conservative laughingstock, and confused birdbrain chose to see the bright side:

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Sarah Palin wants to show President Trump some cool places to hide out in remote parts of Alaska. (Credit:

“I’m going to ask the president, a good friend of mine, to come up to Anchorage to honor maverick John McCain’s life in a private ceremony. I’d also like to show President Trump some ‘secret’ places around our state where felons and fugitives regular hide out. I think he might find those useful in the future.”

There is no word from the White House as to whether Mr. Trump will be joining Ms. Palin in Alaska for an intimate tribute to Senator McCain’s heroic life of public service, as well as to take a private tour of the state’s many concealed safe houses in dense forests and across the frozen tundra.


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