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Shaken By Brother’s Divorce, Eric Trump Frantically Reviews Prenuptial Agreement

Simpleton son of President Trump is sweating his financial liability should wife, Lara, decide to rake him over the coals

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Eric Trump, right, is feeling the pressure as the women of the Trump empire are crying #wetoo. (Credit:

nside sources say that Eric Trump, the middle son of President Donald Trump, is in panic mode after the divorce announcement of his brother Donald Jr. and wife Vanessa.

“Eric is freaking out because Vanessa and Eric’s wife Lara are very close, and Vanessa is putting ideas into her head about what a jerk all the Trump men are,” said a close family friend who spoke on condition of anonymity. “Eric has been with his lawyer every day in the past week trying to rejigger his prenuptial agreement so he doesn’t get royally screwed when Lara leaves him.”

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The son of Gary Busey and Donald Trump, Eric is worried that wife Lara might start getting ideas in her head. (Credit:

Before her divorce filing from Donald Jr. last week, Vanessa Trump was said to be starting a “#wetoohateTrump” movement within the family, encouraging any woman involved with a Trump male to declare “I’ve been married to a narcissistic, money-grubbing, corrupt, misogynistic, racist asshole, too!”

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Eric is telling friends that his father, who never liked him very much and usually can’t remember his name, is coaching Lara on how to squeeze him dry. (Credit:

Vanessa’s movement caught on quickly and Lara immediately accepted the position of vice-president in the #wetoohateTrump movement. The two ex-wives of President Trump, Ivana and Marla Maples, have also enthusiastically joined the cause.

“That’s one of the reasons why Eric is so nervous,” added the family friend. “How confident can you be when your wife assumes an executive role in an organization that’s dedicated to destroying the Trumps? That’s a red flag right there.”

Speculation is now swirling around the state of Melania Trump’s marriage to the president, as word has come out that she has accepted the position of treasurer in the #wetoohateTrump family movement.

Watch this space for further developments.


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