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SCAPEGOAT WARNING! Trump Poised To Blame You For His Most Recent Blunders

Leaks out of White House suggest POTUS has identified you as the person most responsible for his latest debacles

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HE WANTS YOU … to take the blame. (Credit:

resident Trump is expected to step up his blame game on Friday and point to you, yes you, as the person most accountable for his latest, blunder.

“This has nothing to do with me and everything to do with (Insert Your Name Here),” said the president on Friday morning. “I blame (Insert Your Name Here) for distracting me from doing an even more amazing job during this national crisis. Luckily because of me, it’s still a huge success story, despite (Insert Your Name Here).”

Trump’s pivot to identify you as his latest fall guy/fall girl surprised many in his administration.

And especially you.

“He’s angry that his latest bloopers and flubs aren’t sticking to the usual scapegoats like China, the Democrats, Barack Obama and the mainstream media,” said a White House insider who spoke on condition of anonymity. “So he opened the phone book and found (Insert Your Name Here) and decided to go with that. No rhyme or reason, just whim of the day and he’s sticking with his gut.”

The White House source added that once Trump has identified his daily scapegoat, there is little chance of shaking him off, “so (Insert Your Name Here) should just continue to shelter in place and wait out a 24-hour news cycle at which time the president will have singled out a different scapegoat. There’s really no shame in being selected…at some point every American is going to be blamed for his mistakes. At least every American from a blue state.”


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