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Saying He’s Already Bored, Trump Plans To Host TV Game Show During Presidency

“I want to be the first American president known for big laughs, huge cash prizes and, of course, beautiful women”

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In addition to running the country, our telegenic future president plans to host “The Great American Game Show.”

Promising the nation that he won’t take his eyes off the ball, newly-elected president Donald J. Trump is launching an ambitious TV project called, The Great American Game Show.

Mr. Trump turned to long-time, television production partner Mark Burnett to help develop the new game show that will be taped in New York City on weekends. “I will spend my weekdays dismantling Obamacare, appointing several conservative Supreme Court judges, building a wall around the U.S., and making ‘open carry’ a national policy,” said Mr. Trump with a big smile and an enthusiastic thumbs up, “but my weekends are for entertainment.”

The show’s title is derivative of the Trump motto used during the campaign that also adorned his promotional caps, “Make America Great Again.” According to Burnett, “Donald had such great campaign success with this inspiring set of words, we agreed it would be a shame, as well as bad business judgement, to let them die on the vine. By borrowing on the phrase, we hope to take Donald’s core voter base and turn it into a mega-hit television fan base.”

Burnett said program developers haven’t decided on the exact format of the show yet, but “I can guarantee you that The Great American Game Show will be fast-paced, loaded with riveting competition, feature amazing prizes like luxurious vacations at Trump hotels and resorts worldwide, and showcase beautiful female co-hostesses, the likes of which only the star power of President Donald J. Trump could attract.”

Asked to comment on the prospect of a sitting American president simultaneously hosting a TV game show, Barack Obama turned to his Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, and asked, “Are you absolutely sure I can’t issue an executive order keeping me on for another four years?”


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