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“Rocket Man” Just One Of Many Nicknames Trump Uses To Mock World Leaders

The president employees a wide range of sobriquets for his foreign counterparts and most are derogatory, vulgar, or juvenile

In addition to “Rocket Man,” Mr. Trump uses the insulting moniker “Commander Kimchi” for the leader of North Korea. (Credit:

After he incorporated his favorite nickname,“Rocket Man,” for Kim Jong-Un of North Korea into a speech at the UN General Assembly meeting on Tuesday, President Trump’s advisors are growing increasingly nervous.

They’re concerned that the president, who has a mean streak as well as difficulty remembering people’s names, will lapse more frequently into his extensive shorthand of monikers for foreign heads of state, most of which are off-color, immature, or insulting. All would cause awkward international incidents at a time when President Trump can ill afford additional diplomatic snafus.

One Oval Office insider, who asked not to be identified, compiled a list of the president’s most commonly used sobriquets, presented here in no particular order:

Kim Jong-Un, North KoreaRocket Man, Commander Kimchi, Buddy Biscuithead (because Koreans are ridiculed for having large, square heads), Doughboy Dog-Breath (when Mr. Trump gets really worked up)

Angela Merkel, Germany The German Hillary Clinton, Suzi Sour Kraut, Frau Frosty, The Nasty Nazi

Justin Trudeau, Canada: Maple Leech (because Mr. Trump views Canada as reliant on the U.S.), Justin Trudope

Theresa May, England: Lady Churchill, Theresa Teabag (for the Brit’s love of tea), Lady Tea-Rex

Vladimir Putin, RussiaRas Putin, Vodka Vlad, My Leader, or simply, My Boss

Emmanuel Macron, FranceMonsieur Macaroni, Little Bull Frog (the French are known derisively as “frogs”), and The Grave Robber (Macron’s wife is 64, he’s 40)

Enrique Peña Nieto, MexicoCharlie Chalupa, Manuel Labor, Pepe Pinata

Mariano Rajoy, SpainSenor No-Joy, Juan Valdez (more appropriate for a Colombian, but Mr. Trump can’t tell the difference), Senor Gazpacho, Mariano Rivera (reference to a former NY Yankee relief pitcher who Mr. Trump admires)

Shinzo Abe, JapanToyota-San, Emperor Sushi, Harry Kari

Rodrigo Duterte, PhilippinesTailless Monkey, The Mail-Order Madman (the Philippines is a big source of mail-order brides)

Malcolm Turnbull, AustraliaKangarude (because Mr. Turnbull has insulted the president), Skippy (another name for a kangaroo), Malcolm Dingofucker

Alexis Tsipras, GreeceCount Drachma (name of former Greek currency), Sir Souvlaki, Mr. Moussaka

Narendra Modi, IndiaSanjay (from The Simpsons), Swami Ghandi, Grandpa Curry-Coon

Michel Temer, Brazil Papa Papaya, Michel Macaco, Pele (after famous Brazilian soccer player)

Raul Castro, CubaLittle Fidel, Colonel Cohiba (after famous Cuban cigar brand), Papi Plantain

Sherif Ismail, EgyptSheriff Shawarma (after a popular Egyptian meat dish), Nutcase of the Nile, The Sphinx

Yoweri Museveni, UgandaNot Idi Amin

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, TurkeyShit Kebab, Bad Recep-tion (play on his name and his bad hospitality), My Turkish Bath Boy

Bashar al-Assad, SyriaPain In My Assad, Bullseye Bashar (because Mr. Trump is proud of having bombed Syria), Bashar Ganoush (play on Arabic dish, baba ganoush)

Leo Varadkar, IrelandMr. McButtlicker (Varadkar is a homosexual), The Gay Leprechaun

Mahmoud Abbas, PalestineNot Yasser Arafat, Hamas Abbas (referring to Palestinian resistance group)

Paolo Gentiloni, ItalyBaloney Gentiloni, Payola Me Something

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel Yahu the Jew, Beanie Boy Ben (in reference to his Jewish yarmulke), The Wondering Jew (because Mr. Trump doesn’t think Netanyahu has a clue)

And here are some nicknames that leaders from around the world use in referring to Donald Trump: 50 Commonly-Used, Nasty Nicknames For President Trump


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