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Rhymes With POTUS

19 epithets for the current President of the United States that are way better suited to his poor performance


ANUS (The most obvious moniker)

BLOTUS (A personal favorite of Melania’s)

CLOTUS (Corrupt Leader of the United States)

DOOFUS (A personal favorite of Trump’s staff)

FIGHTUS (Because he seems hellbent on sparring with everyone)

GLOTUS (Groping Lecher of the United States)

HOCUS POCUS (Poof, he’s gone!)

LOTUS (Lunatic of the United States)

MOCKUS (Because he’s making a global mockery of his venerated office and taking all of us along with him)

NOTUS (Notice, Not My President)

NOPUS (Nope, Not My President Either)

POOPUS (As in President Donald Von Shitface)

RUMPUS (As in President Blowhard Butthole)

SCROTUS (So-Called Ruler of the United States/Also could refer to his low-hanging fruitcake)

TOTUS (Traitor of the United States)

VOTUS OUTUS (The country already did that, by 3,000,000 votes in 2016, but he still won’t leave)

WIMPUS (Diary of a Wimpy President)

eXODUS (What most of us will be on if he manages to survive past the midterms)

ZEBUS (The name for a one-humped oxen breed in India, as well as a big stubborn ox in the White House)

Please feel free to rhyme with POTUS in the response section below.


Thanks to all the many readers, fans, followers, and even my frenemies, for reading and commenting on my posts throughout the year as I continue my commitment to post every day, 7-days-a-week until the Orange Accident is out of our hair.

I read every comment. And I try to answer as many as possible.

Thank you.


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