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Trump Breaks Out His Old Military Academy Uniform To Meet With Generals

Insiders say president continues odd behavior even after many warnings by White House staff that he is embarrassing himself

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Donald Trump, center, has had his personal tailor add yards of fabric to his old military academy dress uniform so he can put it on when meeting with actual American generals and retired military men.

President Donald Trump has recruited a number of highly-decorated generals and retired military officers for key positions in his cabinet, and that might be because he fancies himself a military man himself.

In fact, Mr. Trump — who attended the New York Military Academy (NYMA) in Cornwall-On-Hudson — has dusted off his old uniform, had it enlarged with matching blue-gray fabric, and wears it whenever convening with new administration appointees who have military backgrounds.

“He looks kind of silly, if I can be honest,” said one retired four-star general, who holds a top national security post, “but I don’t want to say anything to his face because he is, after all, my new Commander-in-Chief.”

Mr. Trump famously said on the campaign trail last summer that despite receiving draft deferments throughout the Vietnam War, “I always felt that I was in the military” because of the training he got at the NYMA.

He also said that the experiences he had at his expensive boarding school, where he was exiled by his father because he’d become an incorrigible bully in his former Queens neighborhood, gave him “more training militarily than a lot of the guys that go into the military.”

While that statement — as well as the one he made about Senator John McCain, a former Vietcong prisoner of war, not being a hero because he got caught — has angered proud U.S. military men and women, the president continues to unabashedly parade around the White House wearing his altered dress uniform.

“Maybe he was a disciplined student at the academy, I don’t know, “said another decorated military commander who is serving in Trump’s cabinet, speaking off the record, “but he’s kind of fat and out of shape now, and the old throwback uniform looks more like a bad Halloween costume… we’re all laughing behind his back, but he doesn’t realize it.”


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