“Putting your money where your mouth is.” Such an odd expression, isn’t it, Billy Banger?

Why would anyone do that, really? Money tastes like shit because some it has passed through the hands of guys in the subway in NYC who actually wipe their butts with their hands. Then they handle money. And from butt to mouth is so not where I want to put my money. Yech.

On another note, why is it always the guys who never post anything of their own who always have such clever cliches to throw at others? As I’ve said before, it’s a little like hiding out in a fox hole, firing out at those walking unexposed in the open.

So how about you come out of your hole, put your writing and opinions on Medium where all can read it, and take the risk of getting a slap down from the other Billy Bangers hiding out in their holes?

Doubt you will do that though.

Thanks for taking the time to read my incredibly long post, Billy Banger.

Can’t wait to follow you on this generous, egalitarian platform.


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