Truth In Satire…Or Just The Truth?

Psychologists Now Trace Onset of Trump’s Mental Illness To An Evening in April 2011

President’s “reign of insanity” began on evening of perceived insults by former POTUS, leading to current political crisis

This was the night in 2011 that Donald Trump’s insanity crusade began…and we’re all paying for it today. (Credit:

April 30, 2011 was supposed to be a night of laughter and political fun-poking in Washington, D.C.

But President Barack Obama had heard enough of Manhattan billionaire Donald Trump’s birther accusations and set about giving the bombastic real estate tycoon a verbal flaying during a scorching speech at the White House Correspondents Dinner.

President Obama had no idea what kind of depraved evilness he would unleash that night. (Credit:

POTUS44’s razor sharp, ego-piercing, caustic one-liners had the entire audience of Washington’s press elite, television news hosts, network executives, and celebrities howling.

All the while, Mr. Trump sat stoically, staring straight ahead — silent, solemn, and unsmiling, while apparently setting a course of future revenge on all of Mr. Obama policies and legislative achievements. It is a misguided course that no sane president could ever conceive of or commit himself.

Comedian Seth Meyers also delivered stinging shots to Trump’s ego that night, likening his hair to a fox pelt. (Credit:

Psychologists and presidential historians now believe that the adroit roasting and merciless mockery that Donald Trump suffered that night at the hands of Barack Obama (and a host of other speakers) drove him inexorably over the edge into a bloodthirsty, psychotic state from which he has never recovered. America and the world are paying the price today for the unhealed wounds that Mr. Trump received that evening.

President Trump‘s systematic dismantling of every regulation and piece of legislation that Mr. Obama pushed through during his eight years in the Oval Office — progressive positions on everything from healthcare to climate change, consumer protections and international treaties — appears to be the only agenda President Trump has ever had. To discredit, embarrass, and humiliate Barack Obama, and destroy his legacy, are what Mr. Trump lives for now.

First Lady Michele Obama counsels Meyers to “Turn it up a notch and give The Donald a smack down he won’t forget for a dozen years.” He hasn’t. (Credit:

A Washington Post article even pointed to the fact that while writing and passing no new legislation of his own (as of August 22, 2017), the president has tried to roll back 16 executive actions, 63 cabinet-level agency decisions, 14 congressional review acts, and one new piece of legislation that are all key parts of Mr. Obama’s domestic legacy.

It doesn’t take an expert to see that this is not a well man. (Credit:

Political analysts have studied Mr. Trump’s calculus on every major policy decision in an effort to discover some other coherent platform from which the president draws direction and inspiration — but there is none.

Psychologists conclusively agree. One prominent East Coast mental health expert says that the only diagnosis that adequately explains all of President Trump’s unhinged, impulsive, and reckless decisions “is a deep psychosis caused by Mr. Obama’s teasing, taunting, and surgically-delivered derision that April night.”

But there is a silver-lining here. If President Obama’s mockery on a single occasion in 2011 left Mr. Trump so totally unglued he re-prioritized his entire life, then turning up the jibes, insults, and ridicule should render him certifiably insane. Which would make imposing the 25th Amendment, allowing for a president to be removed if he is unfit to serve, inevitable.

In response, comedians across the nation are preparing a blitzkrieg of barbs designed to permanently disable President Trump, who they’ve been cleverly calling The Lone DeRanger, Sir Sissypants, the Tangerine Tie-Coon, BLOTUS45, the Marmalade Mussolini, Creep Throat, Don The Con, Chief Whinesalot, Bela Lugrossi, Tweety Bird, and Komrade Combover.

Many believe that a “victory via wisecracks” is now assured. Because as Mark Twain once said, “Against the assault of laughter, nothing can stand.”

Especially not Donald Trump.


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