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President Will Be Used For “Show-And-Tell” On Melania’s Anti-Bullying School Tour

First Lady says she wants America’s children “to see what a real cyber bully looks like so they never become one”

President Trump tells a group of third graders that they are “incredibly small and stupid.” (Credit:

First Lady Melania Trump announced Monday that she’ll be touring America’s schools with her husband in the weeks ahead as part of National Bullying Prevention Month.

In her effort to draw special attention to cyber bullying, the First Lady will be using President Trump for the “show-and-tell” portion of her school presentations.

When one 13-year-old girl said that the president’s tweets, “scare me so much, I can’t sleep,” the First Lady replied, “I understand, honey, he’s just a bullying bastard.” (Credit:

“I could not hope for a better example of disgraceful bullying behavior than that of my own husband. Many are calling his daily Twitter taunts an amazing teaching moment for America’s children and I couldn’t agree more.”

Melania said that she would be bringing the president to class “whenever his schedule permits, to sit at the front of the room while I display examples of his most belligerent tweets and describe ways to avoid becoming a bullying bastard like him. Because no child wants to grow up to be a national disgrace or a poster child for the cowardly and contemptuous act of cyber bullying.”

After Mrs. Trump promised this “non-white” student that her husband would not bully him online, the boy smiled from ear to ear. (Credit:

In a statement issued by the White House after her Michigan school visit on Monday, the First Lady added, “It is our responsibility to take the lead in teaching children the values of empathy and communication that are at the core of kindness, mindfulness, integrity and leadership. These are the very qualities that my husband knows nothing about, which is why bringing him along for my ‘show-and-tell’ segments will make my anti-bullying message even more powerful.”

In preparation for his first school visit with the First Lady later this week, President Trump launched a sustained attack of cyber insults directed at various targets on Tuesday, including Senator Bob Corker, assorted Democrats in Congress, the wife of a fallen U.S. soldier, NFL players, Senator Jeff Flake, the mayor of San Juan, a White House kitchen worker who accidentally put tofu in the president’s lunch taco, and a guy in downtown Washington, D.C. who held up a sign as the president’s motorcade passed that read, “My wife is dying and I can’t afford healthcare…please help, Mr. President.”

The First Lady taking a selfie on Monday with a student at Orchard Lake Middle School in West Bloomfield Township, MI. (

The president appeared unsympathetic to the distraught husband’s plight, tweeting later in the day, “Guy with sign looked wacky…healthcare should be for the healthy, not the weird or needy!”

After Mr. Trump’s most recent barrage of reprehensible cyber abuse, the organizers of National Bullying Prevention Month said they would most likely extend their awareness campaign through the end of the year.


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