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Trump Announces All New Cast For Season 2 Of His Wacky Political Sitcom

As first anniversary of his election nears, POTUS introduces a fresh line-up of absurd characters for his show “Wild Wild West Wing”

While not replacing Donald Trump on every episode, actor Charlie Sheen will be making more frequent appearances on season two, giving the president a chance to focus on directing. Sheen is said to be dreading the makeup sessions. (Credit:

Donald Trump’s slapstick political comedy, Wild Wild West Wing (WWWW), was picked up for a second season by all the networks yesterday, to the surprise of many in the TV industry who say that while the show can be entertaining, it is rarely imaginative.

Nevertheless, the absurd farce will continue to air without interruption after November 8th, the first anniversary of its astonishing premiere.

The show’s producer, director and star, Donald Trump, says that with most of the original cast having left the show in the past 12 months, he will be bringing on an exciting new team of slapstick performers for Wild Wild West Wing’s second season.

Mr. Trump says he has spent most of the past two months watching audition tapes for possible replacement actors, while simultaneously visiting hurricane devastated areas of the country, tweeting provocations with North Korea, inciting NFL players, and insulting Gold Star families, all of which have boosted the show’s ratings.

Here are some of the new faces you’ll be seeing on Season 2:

Fiery Bobby Knight will replace the VP character played by lackluster Mike Pence in season one. (Credit:

Bobby Knight: The role of Mike Pence, Vice-President of the United States, will be played by former Hall of Fame basketball coach and legendary hothead, Bobby Knight. Nicknamed “The General,” Knight is best known for a coaching career humiliating Indiana Hoosier players, harassing women, and throwing furniture. With his white hair, conservative viewpoints, and foul mouth, many believe he’ll give the show’s VP character an edgier, more offensive persona.

Kathy Griffin is expected to give the Kellyanne Conway character more believability. (Credit:

Kathy Griffin: Many fans of WWWW have complained about the presidential adviser character, Kellyanne Conway, being too self-righteous and humorless. That should all change in the second season with the introduction of comedian Kathy Griffin in that role. Griffin made a brief cameo appearance in the first season when she famously held up the severed head of Donald Trump. We’ll be seeing much more of her hilarious antics in upcoming episodes.

Manafort out, McDonald in. (

Christopher McDonald: Before leaving the show abruptly before the first episodes aired last season, Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort requested that American actor Christopher McDonald play him on future episodes. Producers, including Mr. Trump, were stunned by the resemblance between Manafort and McDonald and immediately cast him for the show. The well-known comedic actor is expected to bring a a lot of wit and charm to the role, qualities Manafort lacked.

Vampire Paul Ryan will be replaced by werewolf Eddie Munster. (Credit:

Butch Patrick: There was a general feeling among TV critics that while Paul Ryan has been an adequately despicable antagonist on the show, he needs to be even more ghoulish. Bring on Butch Patrick, who played the child werewolf Eddie Munster on the hit 1960s TV comedy, The Munsters. It is not known whether Patrick will be asked to suck blood on the new season of WWWW, but if the Ryan character continues to shoot down all efforts to pass a humane healthcare bill, he’ll effectively be applying that deadly bite to the necks of the American people. Big laughs are assured.

Riley will have to do even more to appear like a robot, if she wants to nail the Ivanka Trump persona. (Credit:

Talulah Riley: What would your favorite show Wild Wild West Wing be without presidential paramour, Ivanka Trump? Probably a lot less creepy, but also less compelling. And, don’t worry, that character is not going away in Season 2, but she is being replaced by the actress who’s been turning so many heads on HBO’s Westworld, Talulah Riley. On the highly-acclaimed AI show, Ms. Riley plays a beguiling cyborg “host.” She’ll do the same on WWWW but, of course, she’ll have to make herself appear even more mechanical and empty-headed if she wants to pull off the Ivanka Trump role flawlessly. Can she do it? Stay tuned to find out!

Brahms guarantees you’ll get some fright with your frivolity as he takes over for the departing Jared Kushner. (Credit:

Brahms, the spooky doll from the horror film The Boy: Fan pages have been screaming for more air time on WWWW for the Oval Office sycophant, Jared Kushner. And producers were delighted in August when they were able to sign a deal with Brahms, the quiet but terribly evil doll from the 2016 movie, The Boy. Brahms will appear on at least four episodes of Wild Wild West Wing, including the season premiere! Kushner, himself, was expected to be back on the show for the second season, but had to abruptly resign his role when special prosecutor Robert Mueller’s investigation closed in and he was forced to leave the country. But all are anticipating that Brahms will be just as mysterious and even more dastardly.

Those are just some of the new stars you’ll be seeing on Wild Wild West Wing this fall. But mid-season replacements are expected constantly, so don’t turn your eyes away from the small screen for a second. And, by the way, we’ve heard those rumors about an Armageddon episode, too! Yikes!


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