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President Seen Giving Himself Pep Talk Before Addressing World Leaders In Davos

Mr. Trump told his mirror image to “rally behind me!” before making a critical speech at the World Economic Forum

President Donald Trump was observed giving himself a spirited pep talk before deboarding Air Force One after landing in Davos, Switzerland on Thursday afternoon.

The president was in Davos to promote his “America First” message at the World Economic Forum being held this week at the tony Alpine resort.

“They love you, they really love you!” the president was heard fervently assuring his mirror image as he stood on the top step of the presidential jet.

According to sources inside the White House, the president has been feeling insecure of late, voicing concerns that he wouldn’t be accepted at the prestigious gathering of global leaders, many of whom espouse progressive ideas about free trade and global economic cooperation that go against Mr. Trump’s own isolationist policies and rhetoric.

“They appreciate how hard you’re working to make America great again and they want you to succeed,” the president repeated into the mirror-like skin of Air Force One, as he simultaneously primped his hair. “They’ll want to sit next to you at dinner, have a glass of champagne with you, congratulate you for your big election victory over Hillary Clinton, which no one expected.”

Before descending the airstairs and speaking to the throng of reporters gathered on the tarmac, President Trump looked back at himself one more time and humbly bragged, “You’re a stable genius, you are the greatest jobs president God ever created, nobody knows trade or the economy better than you do and, most important of all, you’ve done more to promote world peace than all these other fancy-schmancy global elites combined. Now, go get ’em champ!”


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