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President Asks Nation To Continue Wearing Trump Masks After Halloween

As Mueller closes in, president hopes a million men masquerading as him will confuse special prosecutor and forestall an arrest

Donald Trump holding up the kind of mask he’s hoping will confuse Robert Mueller’s men when they fan out to locate and arrest him. (Credit:

President Trump is appealing to men across the nation who are dressing up as him for Halloween to continue wearing the costumes long after October 31st.

The president advocates wearing a Trump mask next to someone in a Hillary or Bernie costume, “so Mueller can arrest Crooked Hillary or wacko Bernie instead of me.” (Credit:

Although he denies it publicly, the president has told his White House legal team that “this is an incredibly brilliant plan for keeping Mueller off my scent for a couple of years. How do you find one handsome man among millions of handsome men? Impossible, right? This is such a smart idea…and I thought of it myself.”

When questioned by reporters about his costume scheme, Mr. Trump would only say that his unusual request to Trump imitators should be considered “free presidential advice” for lesser men across America.

“Everyone knows that I, Donald Trump, am irresistible to women. I now want to make it possible for every American male — even minority men whose faces will be covered with mine — to have the same opportunity to score with the ladies that I enjoy. Who knows, there might even be an Eastern European mail order bride in your future!”

The president warns against cheap Trump masks that don’t look realistic, “The only moron I know who’d be fooled by those masks is my son, Eric.” (Credit:

Asked about a rumor that the White House would provide a Trump mask to any man who requested one, the president responded, “We’re working on that and we should have pick-up locations in place across the country by early next week. We’re definitely going to make that happen, believe me.”

At the time of publication, Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, Steve Bannon, and Donald Trump Jr., were also asking anyone who would be dressing like them for Halloween to continue wearing the disguises.


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