Only One American City Still Holding Out For Trump — But It, Too, May Go Blue

Hillary hopes to turn Picayune, MS — the last Republic stronghold — her way, aiming for an unprecedented Democratic sweep of the entire nation

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Virgil Stanton, Picayune’s Mayor, says he changed his mind when he heard Trump was “porking blacks.”

It’s ultra-white, ultra-conservative and until earlier this month, it had been ultra-Trump — the only city left in the nation expected to go his way.

But not if Hillary can help it. The Democratic candidate will arrive here this afternoon with her husband Bill, the President and First Lady, Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, every white baptist minister she could get her hands on, and some actual NRA members leaning Democratic — all in an effort to convince Picayune, Mississippi to give her an unprecedented, 100% sweep of the nation on November 8th.

“I was a Trump man till just a few weeks ago,” said Virgil Stanton, Picayune’s mayor, who says he’s voted Republican in the last nine presidential elections, “then I heard that a few of those floozies that he groped were Negroes and, I’m sorry, I felt downright betrayed by him. Now I’m thinking he mighta been lyin’ to us all along.”

Clara Mae Winston, who’s been Picayune’s League of Women Voters chairperson since 1968, said, “I don’t care about Trump’s carousing, and I don’t even mind him using the Lord’s name in vain, but what I can’t handle are those little hands … they’re downright creepy. I don’t believe a man with those itsy-bitsy hands has the physical strength to pull the trigger on a pistol. I’ll bet Hillary knows more about a 9MM handgun than he does.”

Told that Picayune was now leaning toward Clinton at this very late stage, Donald Trump tweeted, “Picayune — totally rigged. Mayor Stanton, a Rosie lover. Old lady Winston, a 3.”

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