Oh, goodness, Janet. You honor me with so many nice words and I am super humbled.

I am going to try to take that all in, because it feels very good. Thank you.

I like to think that I might be an inspiration to you or other readers. That makes my small sacrifices very worthwhile.

BTW, you blew any hope of convincing me or anyone else here that you can’t write beautifully and powerfully. You just did it. You moved me to goose bumps. You touched my heart.

Can’t wait to see you pick up the mantle and run with it now, Janet.

I meant it: if we stay together and watch each other’s backs, we are not going to lose tripping face first, we are going to win skipping like the kids in your school.

We are unstoppable. We will prevail.

We can resist without fists. Just our pens.


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