Obama Speaks Swahili, Slams Trump: “Wewe Ni Mwendawazimu.”

Denounces Republican candidate in his native tongue for first time

Speaking in Swahili, the president condemned Trump.

Unable to contain his growing anger, Barack Obama called Donald Trump “insane” today, but spoke in Swahili, the language of his Kenyan father. The surprising outburst is sure to embolden “birtherists” who have always maintained that Obama was born in Kenya and is not a legitimate American.

When asked by reporters to elaborate, the president remarked, “Yeye ni maumivu katika punda!” which loosely translates to, “He is a huge pain in my ass.”

Upon hearing of the president’s comments while campaigning in the battle ground state of Pennsylvania, Mr. Trump immediately tweeted, “What’d I tell you, folks?” The Republican candidate, who is credited with starting the birther controversy more than five years ago, says he now feels vindicated upon seeing Obama “speaking that voodoo tongue.”

Incensed further by the voodoo comment, the president fumed, “Trump ni rabid mbwa,” the translation of which is, “Trump is a rabid dog.”

Trying to defend her father, Ivanka, speaking from the lobby of Trump Tower, inadvertently slipped into the language of her German-born great-grandfather, Frederick Drumpf, saying, "Obama sollte nach Afrika zurückgehen," which means,“Obama should go back to Africa.“

The sharp exchanges drew immediate condemnation from representatives in Congress, including Senator Chuck Schumer who lashed out at both men, "My dolzhny byt' tsivilizovannymi!" which is Russian for, “We must remain civilized!” When told that he had responded in the indigenous language of his great-grandparents, Schumer said, “No I didn’t.”

Republican Congressman Erik Paulsen of Minnesota, a former Trump supporter, had this reaction from his Washington office, “Hva skjer med dette landet!” The language was apparently Norwegian, the homeland of Paulsen’s grandparents, and translated to: “What is happening to this country!”

As more Congressional Representatives weighed in on the Obama/Trump exchange, it was becoming difficult to determine exactly who was born in America and who wasn’t, raising questions about the immigration status of the entire nation.

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