Not offended, Sapere, and always appreciate your thoughtful comments.

Maybe I wasn’t clear in what I wrote to Haute.

My point was that satire is meant to offend, and shock, and alarm people. And I was not being lazy, or sexist (I hope), in not putting the woman’s name in the post. I know her name. I was trying to make the point that to Trump, and largely Hefner, women were faceless, nameless objects, used as arm candy.

Nor was I using misogyny to fight misogyny. I was using outrage to fight misogyny.

Perhaps you know Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal. Arguably the most famous piece of satire ever written, Swift was confronting the social injustice of his time (late 18th Century London), specifically a lack of regard and care for the poor. He suggested (his modest proposal) that one way to pay for aid to London’s impoverished families was to fatten up their children and sell them as meat.

Of course, this was outrageous. And while I’m no Swift, I attempted the same ploy. Point being, that I’ll shock and offend and even alienate a faithful reader like you if it means rocking the boat that Trump barely floats in.

Hope that helps explain my reasoning, Sapere.


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