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Monday Declared “National Kneel At Work Day” To Protest Trump Presidency

Americans will take a knee at their jobs today to “Get that son of a bitch out of the Oval Office right now, out, he’s fired!”

Politicians and religious leaders in Washington were among those preparing to join the protest Monday. Many said that kneeling on pavement was “friggin’ stupid,” and that they would be bringing knee pads to work today for the actual protest action. (Credit:

Millions of Americans have decided to bond together in protest of President Trump’s recent intimidation of NFL athletes by dropping to one knee for the duration of their workdays on Monday.

Wherever they are, and whatever professions they’re in — from auto plant workers on the assembly line to attorneys in court, landscape architects to doctors and nurses in our nation’s hospitals — all say they will do their jobs on their knees, in spite of any discomfort that they may experience.

Dozens of social workers in Baltimore practiced over the weekend for the national day of kneeling. Some were already cramping. (Credit:

The nationwide gesture is designed to send a strong message to Mr. Trump that his racist, anti-free speech rhetoric can’t continue, this after he directly attacked NFL athletes who refused to stand for the national anthem in the harshest of terms: “Wouldn’t you love to see one of these N.F.L. owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say, ‘Get that son of a bitch off the field right now, out, he’s fired.’”

Those remarks were made during a speech the president gave in Alabama on Saturday night.

The national day of kneeling, which others are calling the “Patella Picket Against POTUS,” the “Knee Jerk Action” (emphasis on Jerk), and the “National Kneecap Rally,” comes at a time when most Americans believe that the president is dividing, not uniting the country.

Gatorade has agreed to become the official sponsor of America’s “National Kneel At Work Day.” (

His comments on Saturday drew especially harsh criticism from NFL players and hundreds of professional athletes. During many of the NFL games broadcast on Sunday, players refused to stand for the anthem, some remaining in the locker rooms and not taking the field until its playing had concluded.

Basketball stars including Stephen Curry and LeBron James also joined the furor against President Trump, speaking out publicly. James went so far as to call the president a “bum” in a strongly-worded tweet.

Sports medicine doctors are expecting to see a lot of this on Tuesday. (Credit:

While it is not known whether National Kneel At Work Day will impact the president’s intransigent position on a wide range of issues at the heart of American democracy, chiropractors, osteopaths, and orthopedic surgeons say they’ll be ready for the aftereffects of a day when millions of people will be walking on their knees.


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