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Millions Of Americans Send Eviction Notices To Donald Trump

Swamping the White House with expulsion orders, Americans let the president know he’s not welcome in the executive mansion

“Vacate” letters like these have been swamping the White House for months in an attempt to demoralize the president.

The White House is reporting that it has received more than 28 million eviction notices addressed to President Trump from Americans across the country.

In letters, postcards, and emails, the mood of the people is evident, with many sending handwritten messages that state simply, “GET OUT!,” while other typewritten missives, filled with obscenities, detail the many misdeeds that senders believe warrant Mr. Trump’s eviction. The vacate orders have been issued by citizens as young as 8 years and as old at 95.

Just a few of the millions of Trump eviction letters stating essentially the same thing: LEAVE NOW. (Credit: en.mogaznews.com)

“By the power vested in me as a citizen of the United States, I demand that you and your family vacate the White House by the last day of October 2017,” wrote Susan W. from Altadena, CA. “You’ve overstayed your welcome. Be gone.”

A postcard from Montana, with Smokey the Bear pictured on the front, called on the president to “…douse your flames and exit the campgrounds, you reckless moron. The environment demands you pack up and go home.”

Hundreds of thousands of letters and cards are inscribed, “YOU’RE FIRED!,” a reference to the signature smack down that Donald Trump delivered to dozens of contestants on his reality TV show, The Apprentice.

“No squatters!” read some of the postcards mailed to the White House. (Credit: www.axios.com)

An oversized postcard from Michigan includes the image of a stern-looking Uncle Sam pointing a chastising finger, under which the sender has written, “Get the hell off my property!”

Some of the correspondence accuses Trump of depressing Washington’s real estate values, others for letting “undesirables and deplorables” into the White House, while still others call on Trump and his family to leave on the basis that the New York businessman cheated to win the election, and is therefore occupying the executive mansion illegally.

It is not clear who inspired the idea of flooding the White House with eviction notices, but some credit Thomas Sukkit, a former welder from Queens, NY who was evicted from his three-room apartment by Donald Trump’s father, Fred, back in 1978.

Sukkit has been sending postcards with eviction messages to President Trump several times a week since the January inauguration, calling it “my revenge against that dishonest creep and his old man, the original crook.”

The steadfast Sukkit says he has no idea if his actions gave rise to the national mail-in barrage, but he hopes it did. “The way I look at it, the White House belongs to the taxpayers, and if we don’t like the tenant, we can evict him. Correct me if I’m wrong.”


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